Mini Pineapple Plant

Water: Water thoroughly once the first couple inches of soil are dry. Water until drain through. Empty extra water out of catcher.

Light: As much direct sunlight as possible.

Tips: When the miniature pineapple reaches a mature age, the center of the rosette of spiny leaves produces a flower stalk. The stalk elongates and rises above the foliage to reveal a rounded cluster of lilac to red flowers with yellow bracts, resembling a pine cone. After the flowers, the ovaries swell into plump, pulpy masses to create a small pineapple fruit with a large crown of foliage. The flower stalk may remain fully erect or eventually bends over to allow the mature fruit to drop to the soil below, where it will root and become a new plant. Consider staking the stalk to keep the plant looking more ornate and keep watering it during this time, so that the flower and fruits do not abort prematurely.

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